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Estelita D. Gotera's Pray-for-Child Email

July 9, 2003

Dear Classmates:

An excerpt from Nene Dino Gotera's e-mail this morning regarding the eldest grandchild of Romy and Letty Padiernos. She is diabetic and is now confined at V Luna Hospital. Most of you who attended the 1998 reunion in Manila will remember her. She is the one who was with Letty and Romy on our trips to Hidden Valley and Villa Escudero.

Please take a moment to pray for her recovery.


 ~ ~ ~

Vicki, Efren …

Letty called me up some minutes ago. She is asking a prayer from all of us for their young granddaughter Jet. The girl (9-10 years old) is now confined at the V. Luna General Hospital and has been there during the last two days. She is diabetic and her blood sugar registered a very high 400 mg/dl. When she was brought to the hospital. Her full name is Geraldine Ravonza.

Takot na takot si Letty dahil sa mga complications ng sakit. May lagnat pa
raw hanggang kagabi. Kausap ko kangina si Sol at Baby at napagkayarian
naming dumalaw sa bata ngayong hapon. Ibabalita ko kung ano ang nangyari
pagbalik ko sa bahay. Please pray for the kid.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

July 16, 2003

Dear Classmates,

The Padiernos are extending their heartfelt thanks for all your prayers and concern for their apo, Jet. Below is an excerpt from Nene Dino Gotera's e-mail to me last Monday.


~ ~ ~

Letty and Romy are very grateful for your prayers for their apo and through me are thanking all of you dear friends over there. Maraming maraming salamat daw as they believe prayers really work, especially when the like of us pray together.

Jet (she's actually 14 years old na pala) is now discharged from the V.
Luna hospital to continue diabetic treatment at home. She will be receiving
insulin injections twice a day until her condition more or less stabilizes.

Nene Dino Gotera

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Efren Pascual's 5/20/03 Announcement

May 20, 2003

Dear Colleagues,

I am sure that you are now aware of the request of our classmate, Ace Lotuaco, for a sabbatical leave from our alumni group for purely personal reasons. Also, for personal reasons (but not related to Ace’s), Mernilo Dionisio begged-off from being the U.S. Coordinator for the 2003 Philippine Reunion.

In this regard, our classmates and husband-and-wife team of Rolando Siwa and Erlinda Baguisa Siwa has collectively been peruaded to assume the Leadership/Coordination of the US-based alumni of the NESHS Class 58. For this reason, we ask you to communicate with them directly for any concerns, suggestions, questions about our alumni group. For your guidance, Rolando and Erlinda can be contacted at;

            12540 Wildwood Drive
             Palos Park, IL 60464
             Tel. No. 708 361 0685

I, on the other hand, being a member of the Metro-Manila alumni group, but currently residing in the U.S. will be your liaison/communication center between the U.S. group and Philippine group. My counterpart in Manila is Eladio (Eli) delos Santos. Should you need to communicate with me or Eli, our addresses and telephone numbers are as follows:

            Efren S. Pascual                                Eli delos Santos
            45 Neptune Ave.                                1403 Champaca St.
            Jersey City, NJ 07305                        UPS-IV Paranaque City
            Tel. No. 201 434 3192                         Philippines
            Cell Phone No. 201 889 7520              Tel. No. 821 8714
            Espascual_2000@yahoo.com             Edelsant888@yahoo.com

Thank you and see you in Gapan on November 2, 2003.

Very truly yours,

(Signed) Efren S. Pascual

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2002 Reunion - Coordinator's Financial Statement

(Excerpted from Mernilo Dionisio's 1/30/03 EMail)


FYI. Received from Rudy sometime last week a money order from Western Union in the amount of $310.00 representing excess money from the July 2002 reunion, calculated as follows:

Collected from Members: $1,910.00
Guests:                               730.00

Total:                              $2,640.00

Less Expenses:

Conference Center rental: ($1,761.00)
Misc (DJ, Tickets, etc):     ( $569.00)

Total Expenses: $2,330.00

Balance remitted: $ 310.00

I will deposit the above. Please advise if you or anybody has suggestions regarding this money.



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