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  •  Erlinda B. Siwa's 8/10/03 Email
  •  Estelita D. Gotera's Pray-for-Child Email Login
  •  2003 Reunion - E. delos Santos' 6/20/03 Email
  •  Efren Pascual's 5/20/03 Letter  Login
  •  2003 Reunion - Coordinator's 4/30/03 Letter

  •  2002 Reunion Financial Statement Login
  •  HML's Letter RE Proposed Association By-laws


    2003 Reunion - Erlinda B. Siwa's 8/10/03 Letter

    August 10, 2003

    Dear classmates,
        Our 45th year Grand Reunion is fast approaching.  My husband is on a relentless campaign by phone tracking down fellow classmates and convincing them to come.  So far the commitments are from the following:
        Efren Pascual
        Conchita Palomo-dela Pena
        Rodolfo Mariano
        Leonora Antonio-Singson
        Rogelio de Guzman
        Norma Afable
        Benedicto Siwa
        Rolando Siwa
        Erlinda Baguisa-Siwa
        Domingo Cenon
    Please help us convince other classmates in your state to come.
        You should have the itinerary of our reunion from Eladio.  Personally, I am so excited, I have not been to Ilocandia Land.
        We have a balance of $310.00 from our reunion at Virginia.  It will be used to defray some of the expenses this coming reunion.
        I would like to encourage those that are joining us to bring 3 gifts for the raffle we will have the first day in Gapan.  Have them wrapped with your name as donor.  It does not have to be expensive.  We would like to have everyone attending to go home with something.  Those that are not going to be able to go home, if you wish to send something you can mail it to Efren or us.
        If you have any suggestions to make our reunion more exciting and enjoyable, do not hesitate to let us know.
        There will be a talent show during the first day in Gapan.  Our Philippine counterparts are preparing well, so lets have all your hidden talents, surprise us, let your hair down and have fun.  Let us know ahead of time so you can be included when we print the program.



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    2003 Reunion - E. delos Santos' 6/20/03 Letter

    Metro Manila

    20 June 2003

    Dear Classmates,

    Warm greetings from the 7,112 exotic islands of the Philippines! Not that I wish to say that we will visit all those beautiful islands when we celebrate our 45th Anniversary reunion here but only to confirm that a whale of a good time, big excitement and great water adventure await our classmates come November.

    Our General Reunion will be held in the City of Gapan on 2nd November where we will meet our long missed classmates and their families.  A whole day of nostalgic reminiscing, laughter and pure enjoyment amidst the various display of ‘talents’ in the Program prepared by the Class ’58 members and their children.

    The day following the renewal of bonds with members of Class ’58 Family will be the trip to the Pines City. See how the city of flowers and majestic pine tress has risen after the devastating earthquake twelve years ago. A place where the temperature seldom exceed 78 degrees F (26 degrees C), one can unwind at Burnham Park, splurge in souvenirs in the shops at Mines View Park, visit the mansion that housed a line of Philippine presidents and American governors-genral, savor the crispness of fresh vegetables and sweet fruits at the market. Wrap yourselves with an array of colorful garments on display, even visit and watch the precision dress parades at the PMA where one of our classmates graduated from or say a solemn prayer in the city’s imposing cathedral. Then enjoy a pine-scented night at Teachers’ camp.

    On 4th November, the group will commence its tour of the Ilocandia which offers nature at its best, endless highland surprises and scenic views. Also, that of a setting replete with historic events, legacy and cultural treasures. A frolic with the gentle waves at the white sand beach of Saud in Pagudpud for a start, will surely soothe the travel-weary joints of some in the group. The rhythmic splashing sound of the waves and offshore breeze will surely lull one’s tired soul to sleep during the overnight stay at Saud Resort and Hotel.

    Waking up refreshed and energized the following morning, the group will snake along the long stretch of Patapat shoreline on its way to Fort Ilocandia and later to see the historic old churches of gothic, baroque and oriental architecture, some of which were constructed in the 16th and 17th centuries. Also in the schedule is the visit to the Old Spanish Town of Vigan where ancestral houses of ancient styles lined a district. Before the day ends but only after enjoying a leisurely ride in a horse-drawn “caromata” and partaking the famous “diningding”, “bagnet” and “empanada”, the group will again take to the road, this time leading to Alaminos, Pangasinan where everyone will check-in the resort cottages at the vicinity of Alaminos Wharf for the night and eagerly anticipate the next day’s activity.

    The last day of the tour is on the 6th November and what a more fitting activity could cap the exhilarating tour better than a half-day dip and romp in Hundred Islands crystal clear waters. After savoring a filling lunch of native flavors, the group will finally trace its way back to Gapan City and Manila.

    Already back in Manila by November 7th, our US-based classmates could spend the morning pampering themselves with leisurely shopping at the malls in Ortigas Center or extended rest and preparations for the Farewell Dinner at the nearby ClubPilipino in Greenhills at six in the evening.

    This early, we are already looking forward to seeing Rudy & Lina Mariano, Rudy and Linda Siwa and Eyo and Lilia de Guzman and the rest of our classmates from the US of A display their dancing and singing prowess at the historic venue where former president Cory Aquino took her oath of offices years before.

    See you all then!

    (Signed) Eli delos Santos

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2003 Reunion - Coordinator's 4/30/03 Letter

30 April 2003

Dear Classmates:

Once again, we enjoin each other to attend the forthcoming Reunion of the NESHS Class of 1958 on 02 to 07 November 2003 here in the Philippines so we can once again bond together, share, demonstrate the care for each other, show concern and reminisce if not relive the happiest years of our lives as classmates and friends.

Between the Reunion proper in Gapan on 02 November and the Farewell Dinner on 07 November in Metro Manila, we shall have exciting trips to Baguioo City, the old Spanish town of Vigan, Ilocos Sur, and, of course see old Baroque churches along the way to the beautiful beach resort in pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, and then to the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan.

The other details of the Reunion 2003 will be communicated to ou once some minor items are firmed up.

 We here in the Philippines are already excited to enjoy the pleasure of your coming.

 Very truly yours,

 (Signed) Romeo A. Padiernos

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HML's Letter RE Proposed Association By-laws

September 1, 2002

Dear Colleagues,

As you will recall one decision made during our group’s business meeting last July in Chesapeake (Virginia), is to include honorary members in our NESHS ’58 alumni group.

Developing and researching for that task, a variety of questions came up; such as, (1) the criteria for a person to be an honorary member; (2) how is the person actually selected; (3) his\her privileges and limitation of privileges vis-ŕ-vis an alumni; (4) how do we define who is an alumni; (5) what is the purpose of our group; (6) what validates or guides or actions; (7) etc., etc. etc.

It became obvious very quickly that the “simple” task of bringing in honorary members to our group is less than simple. To do that “simple” task, we first need to structure things (things that we have simply understood among ourselves or taken for granted). Structuring (i.e., defining) things is beneficial since we will come up with a coherent document that will essentially be the “guidebook” for the conduct of our affairs.

That initial structuring was done and the result is the attached BY-LAWS. The proposed By-Laws defines the following six (6) Articles: the Name & Nature of the association, its Purposes, Membership, Council of Alumni, Amendments to the By-Laws, and Ratification of the By-Laws. As you can see, the main topics (i.e., the Articles) are mainly what the by-laws aims to define. The definition under each article (i.e., the Sections) are plain and straightforward (they just took more words to describe). The Sections needs to be defined with specificity so that we (and other present and future members) will have a common understanding on how things are and should be done. That way, our association will exist with a constitutional foundation, with a defined basis for consistency and justice in our actions, and equipped to handle all foreseen situations with a framework of guidelines.

The proposed By-Laws recommends the formation of the Council of Alumni (SEE: Article IV, Sections 21-23). The concept of the Council is very significant. Imagine the Council members as the representatives of the general association membership, somewhat like the U.S. Congress, Senate and the White House rolled-up into one. The Council will be the heart-mind-and-soul (and, most of the times, the legs also) of the association. The Council is essentially the embodiment of the existing core group of alumni that have nurtured, supported and made the decisions for our group thru the years. These alumni are named in the cc list below (plus the undersigned, who is not listed).

After we have arrived at the final version of the By-Laws, it will be ratified (that is, signed by its chartering creators). The proposed signatories of the by-laws will be the following nine (9) alumni: M. Dionisio, N. Grajo, H. Lotuaco, R. Mariano, C. dela Pena, E. Reyes, E. Tanghal, E. Siwa, and R. Siwa. After ratification, the By-Laws becomes enacted (springs to life) and automatically brings to life and empowers the Council of Alumni.

When it first come into being, the Council (as provided by the By-Laws’ Article IV, Section 23(a)), will be composed of the following seven (7) alumni: T. Pangilinan, N. Grajo, H. Lotuaco, R. Mariano, C. dela Pena, E. Reyes and E. Siwa).

At that point, it is recommended that the Council take the following actions: 1. The Council, pursuant to Article IV, Section 23(b) and 24, will have a meeting by mail\email where M. Dionisio, E. Tanghal and R. Siwa will be nominated-&-elected to be members of the Council; 2. After the election of M. Dionisio, E.M. Tanghal and R. Siwa to the Council, the Council will have a second meeting by mail\email where the Council Officers (i.e., the Council Chair, Vice Council Chair, Treasurer, Comptroller and Secretary) will be nominated-and-elected. After we have done Step 2 above, our association will then be fully staffed and fully ready to do its short- and long-term tasks. Then we can take on the subject of “honorary members” (remember?) again. At that future point in time, we will actually consider the names and qualities of member candidates.

What you are requested to do presently: (1) Please carefully review the attached By-Laws document, make comments\notations on it (if you need to), and/or call\mail\email me if you need clarification (or to point out errors\omissions\conflicts) on any Article or Section; (2) after you have done your comments\notations, mail\email me the pages with comments\notations by or before October 4, 2002; (3) I will incorporate the comments\notations made by everybody on the original By-Laws and send the updated copy to each of you; (4) we will repeat Steps 1-3 until we get a final By-Laws that is agreeable to all of us; (5) then we sign the By-laws (which will be done serially thru the mail); and (6) after all have signed and the fully signed (i.e., ratified) By-Laws gets back to me, I will make-&-send a copy to each signatory; (7) the Council votes-&-elects the elected Council members (i.e., M. Dionisio, R. Siwa & E. Tanghal); (8) the Council votes-&-elects the Council officers; (9) the Council officers assumes\starts their 4-year terms; (10) the Council Chair drafts a letter announcing the ratification of the By-Laws and the Association’s roster of officers; and (11) the Council Secretary mails\emails the Council Chair’s letter to the Association members.

This letter (and the By-Laws attachment) is being sent (ONLY to the cc-list below) by email to those that have email and by U.S. mail to those that do not. To the emailed recipients: Please email advise immediately that the letter-&-attachment were received. Otherwise, I will conclude that you have not received same (which will require me then to make a trip to the post office to mail you a hard copy).

Thank you for your time.


Cc: M. Dionisio, N. Grajo, R. Mariano, C. dela Pena, E. Reyes, E.Tanghal, E. Siwa, & R. Siwa

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