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  •  P.I.: Sad News RE Victoria Malgapo Mogan's Mom

  •  U.S.: Conrad Mogan Passed Away Aug. 6, 2004

  •  U.S.: The July 2004 Get Together At The Marianos

  •  U.S.: Victoria Mogan's Husband Hospitalized

  •  P.I.: De San Jose's Mother Passed Away July 3, 2004

  •  U.S.: Siwa's Sister Passed Away Nov. 17, 2003

  •  P.I.: Yamsuan's Brother Passed Away Oct. 23, 2003

  •  P.I.: Sad News For The Alumni Community

  •  U.S.& P.I.: A Chesapeake (VA) Visit & Other News

  •  U.S.: Vicky M. Mogan Doing OK

  •  U.S.: Vicky M. Mogan Hospitalized

  •  U.S.: Serious Condition - Luisinia L. Uytingco's Mom

  •  U.S.: The Pascuals Have A 2nd Apo

  •  P.I.:  2003 Reunion Plan Meeting Held 4/1 In Q.C.
  •  U.S.: Conchita P. Dela Pena Marks 60th Birthday
  •  U.S.: Update: Death Of Efren's Brother-In-Law
  •  U.S.: Death Of A Brother-In-Law Of Efren Pascual

    Sad News RE Victoria Malgapo Mogan's Mom

    (Excerpted from the 11/24/2004 email of Efren Pascual. Efren is a NESHS '58 alumnus)

    Dear Classmates,
    I got a text message from Estelita Dino Gotera (from the Phil.) saying that the mother of Victoria Malgapo Mogan ( Esmela Malgapo) passed away last week. Please note that Vicky's husband, Conrad, passed away a few months back.
    Please check our last Reunion (2003) Magazine for the complete mailing address and telephone number of Victoria.

    Conrad Mogan Passed Away Aug. 6, 2004

    (Excerpted from the 8/06/2004 email of Mernilo Dionisio to the alumni. Mernilo is a NESHS '58 alumnus)

    Got a call from Fort (who got a call from Linda, Linda got a call from Thea) informing him that Victoria's husband has passed away, unfortunately, no details were given.

    Note: Photo with the deceased taken during NESHS '58's 2000 reunion in L.A..

    The July 2004 Get Together At The Marianos

    Rudy and Lina Mariano had Ace and Violy Lotuaco; and Chit and Fort dela Pena as their weekend guests last July 31 - August 1, 2004. The Marianos family and friends also joined in a sumptuous dinner\cookout given July 31st. Chit, Ace and Rudy are class alumni..

    Victoria Mogan's Husband Hospitalized

    (Excerpted from the 8/03/2004 email of Efren Pascual to the alumni. Efren is a NESHS '58 alumnus)

    I am passing on a message that I got from Thea Reyes last night ..., that Conrad Mogan the husband of Vicki Malgapo Mogan, is now in the ICU of a hospital in their locality. Vicki is requesting for your prayers.
    Many thanks.

    De San Jose's Mother Passed Away July 3, 2004

    (Excerpted from the 7/06/2004 email of Efren Pascual to the alumni. Efren is a NESHS '58 alumnus)

    Just before the Independence Day weekend, we got a sad news from Estelita (Dino) Gotera from the Philippines, that the mother of our brother-and-sister classmates Gelacio de San Jose and Remedios de San Jose Almodiel has passed away.

    Siwa's Sister Passed Away Nov. 17, 2003

    (Excerpted from the 11/17/2003 email of Efren Pascual to the alumni. Efren is a NESHS '58 alumnus)

    It is with deep sadness to inform you that CLEMENTE (Ting) SIWA, a younger sister of our classmates ROLANDO (and wife Erlinda Baguisa) and BENEDICTO SIWA died of breast cancer at the age of 51.  Her body lies in state in a suburb in Illinois where final rites will be made.


    Condolences may sent to Rolando and Erlinda Siwa and Benedicto Siwa.

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    Yamsuan's Brother Passed Away Oct. 23, 2003

    (Excerpted from the 10/23/2003email of Efren Pascual to the alumni. Efren is a NESHS '58 alumnus)

    "I just want to share with you a short e-mail that I got from Eli delos Santos. He said that the elder brother of Jacinto "Into" Yamsuan, by the name of Lorenzo, passed away. His remains will be interred on Saturday, in Gapan. Eli also said that our classmate Cecilia who resides in California is due to arrive in Gapan today. She will stay in Gapan until after the Nov. 2 Class 58 reunion.

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    Sad News For The Alumni Community

    (Excerpted from Eladio de los Santos' 9/24/03 email to Efren Pascual. Both Eladio & Efren are NESHS '58 alumni)

    ". . . our classmate HERMENIGILDO (TAMENG) CAMAYA passed away at 8:30AM, Thursday, Manila time (some 3 hours ago) due to a liver ailment. Sympathies and prayers may be sent to our classmate Norma de Guzman Camaya and family in Maburak, Gapan, Nueva Ecija.

    ". . .also . . .our teacher, Ms. BELEN BAGAYBAGAYAN, . . .passed away a few days ago and will be interred on Friday, Manila time".

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    A Chesapeake (VA) Visit & Other News

    (Excerpted from Efren Pascual's, a NESHS '58 alumnus, 9/09/03 email)

    A couple of weekends ago, Chit & Fort, Vicki & I and Mernilo went to Virginia, at the invitation of Rudy and Lina Mariano, for the usual summer get-together, minus the crabbing. Annie Dionisio was not able to join the group because of a severe neck pain and had to stay home.

    The weekend was also the birthday of the son of Rudy/Lina and the couple also invited some friends for dinner. After dinner, there was the usual karaoke singing. Fort, Rudy and I tried to put up a possible song (trio numbers) presentation for the November Philippine reunion. Inabot kami ng 4AM but finally we gave up, Our voices which are natural second voices (desintunado) , just would not blend. More so, with Vicki trying to coach us, it was more difficult. So finally, we agreed that the presentation to be made by the US Northeast Group will be what Rudy Mariano does best… dancing.

    The following day, the usual harvesting of the fruits and vegetables from the Mariano backyard farm took place.


    Tameng Camaya, who just visited the US recently (he visited Rudy Mariano) according to reports from the Philippines, is in critical condition due to liver ailment.

    Victoria Malgapo (you may have seen this news in our e-mail circulars) had a mild stroke while in the Philippine visiting her mother. She was able to recover well from the attack.

    Benito Sumang also had a stroke and his speech had been affected. He has retired from work and will have a 4-month vacation in the Philippines starting this month of September.

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    Vicky M. Mogan Doing OK

    (Excerpted from Conrad Mogan's 8/11/03 email. Vicky Malgapo Mogan is a NESHS '58 alumna. Conrad is Vicky's husband)

    Vicky  has recovered. She is fine now  and hopefully is well  enough to travel back to the States on the 1st of September. Our two kids well be leaving on the 18th of September to be with her for two weeks and then fetch her back here.

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    Vicky M. Mogan Hospitalized

    (Excerpted from Conrad Mogan's 7/26/03 email. Vicky Malgapo Mogan is a NESHS '58 alumna. Conrad is Vicky's husband)

    Vicky went to the Philippines last Saturday July 19th to visit her mom.  As of this morning Vicky was admitted to a Cabanatuan hospital for a mild stroke.  As far as we know she has a clot on her brain but she's doing fine and she will be in the hospital for a week to relieve the pressure on her brain.  If there's any more follow-up we'll keep you posted.

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Luisinia L. Uytingco's Mom's Serious Condition 

(Excerpted from Nydia M. Tinawin's 7/26/03 Email to Efren Pascual. Luisinia Labios Uytingco, Nydia Mabalay Tinawin and Efren Pascual are NESHS '58 alumni)

I've just heard from Luisinia Labios Uytingco about her mother who is in a very serious condition. She is in the hospital right now. Luisinia and family are leaving this afternoon for the Philippines. Our prayers are very important. As per Luisinia nagdecide ang family nila na alisin na ang life support because there is bleeding already. Sabi niya sa akin ay baka di na nila abutin pa hanggang sa dumating sila sa Philippines. I think her mother is already 88 or 89 yrs. old. Her telephone no. in case you want to call her before leaving ....

 Okey Efren ikaw na bahala magparating sa kanila about this.

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The Pascuals Have A 2nd Apo

(Excerpted from Efren & Vicki Pascual's 5/24/03 Email)

"Our grandaughter, SARAH ROA PASCUAL was born on May 23, 2003 at 6:33 AM. She weighed 7 lbs. 4 pzs and was 19 inches long. Both Sarah and her Mom, Gel [and Daddy Richie too] are doing well". (Editors Note: Efren Pascual is a NESHS '58 alumnus).

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2003 Reunion Plan Meeting Held 4/1 In Q.C.

(Excerpted from E. de los Santos 4/1/03 Email to Efren Pascual)

... as typical of a multi-purpose event, it took a long while before the class ’58 reunion plans were laid-out in detail but in the end, after the various appetites were sated -- gastronomic, gossipy, things untrue, and simply hallucinatory.

Among the Metro Manilans: Romy -- of course -- with Letty, Lorenz, Eli, Mat -- who came with her son, Remy, Oscar -- who came with Myrna, Jessie, and Boy -- who came with Rita (pero mi amigo Efren es ausente). The Nuevo Ecijano representatives: Into, Esterling, Amelita, Virgie, Olga, Norma, and Manuelito -- who came with wife Tessie.

After the plan to hold two independent consultative groupings was abandoned to do away with the possible numerous amendments of plans afterward.

THE FOLLOWING REUNION PLANS were unanimously agreed upon (subject to the result of cost verification to be made by Romy’s aide);

  •  the reunion will definitely be from November…

Oh, by the way, you should have seen and heard Remy in her usual bubbly self, Romy, dapper in his blue t-shirt; (Sol didn’t make it when her mother suddenly became ill), Jessie -- spirited and comic as usual, Mat’s chatter was contagious (but was later overwhelmed by Myrna’s, Esterling’s everlasting-charm, Into’s intriguing silence, Manuelito’s soft-spoken voice, Lorenz’ noticeable wide-eyed and silent participation, Oscar’s same participation as Lorenz but not as wide-eyed, Norma and Virgies’ eager contributions to the discussion, while I was in constant refill, what with the table replete with various foods (except that ‘laing’ was conspicuously missing!) and Romy’s authoritative ayes to the well intended suggestions (less whews this time !!!).

Also missing was the line dancing we used to have in such occasions despite the apparent willingness of the Gapan group, especially Esterling, Norma and Olga, to artfully swing their hips and enthrall, if not make the Metro-Manilans feel envious of their skill in dancing.

If I may add, it was like a mini reunion of sort. I really never anticipated that many could make it from Gapan that I have to relay the number ahead of time to Romy. also commendable was the Metro-Manilan’s eagerness to meet each other, thanks to Sol’s convincing power. this early, I am already convinced that similar euphoric enthusiasm will prevail in our November reunion.

SO FAR, YON LANG pare! until next mail. bye!

All the best,


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Conchita P. Dela Pena Marks 60th Birthday

Family and friends suprised Conchita Palomo dela Pena with a dinner-dance party on the occasion of Conchita’s 60th birthday. About 70 conspiring celebrants, waiting in silence in the intentionally dimly lit room, greeted Conchita with a big “SURPRISE!” and camera flashes at one of the ballrooms of the McAteers Restaurant in Somerset, New Jersey.

The surprise event was organized by Lorraine P. Williams, daughter of the dela Penas. Conchita’s husband Fort, their children (and the latter’s spouses), grandchildren, relatives and close friends joined in the celebration. Alumni colleagues\friends present were Vicki and Efren Pascual, Violy & Horatio Lotuaco, Estrellita Scott, Annie de Ferio, Lita Townsend, Louie Alibutod (and his wife) and Tom Bagasan (and his wife). Conchita, Efren and Horatio are NESHS '58 alumni.

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Update: Death Of Efren's Brother-In-Law

Excerpted from Efren Pascual's 2/12/03 EMail: “Thanks a lot for the words of sympathy for the death of my brother-in-law, Joe Sta. Maria. Vicki and I went to San Diego last Friday afternoon and stayed there until Monday morning. I relayed to my sister Lina, your condolences and she is very thankful.

The body of Joe will be flown to the Philippines on Friday, Feb. 14, his 80th birthday. Lina and the 2 children of Joe, Lito and Angie are flying also to Manila.

I met several NESHS alumni (not of Class 58) who were at the wake and have learned about the passing away of Joe through our web site. They said that they regularly visit our site. Among those alumni is Ponciano Morales".

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Death Of A Brother-In-Law Of Efren Pascual

Excerpted from Mernilo Dionisio's 2/6/03 EMail: “... Efren's brother-in-law (husband of Efren's sister, Lina) passed away last night after a long illness. I understand Efren and Vicki will be flying to San Diego for the services."

Editor's Note: The deceased, Joe Sta. Maria, also hailed from Gapan, Nueva Ecija. Efren Pascual is a NESHS '58 alumnus who is presently visiting his family in the East Coast.


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