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U.S.: Conchita P. Dela Pena Marks 60th Birthday
U.S.: Update: Death Of Efren's Brother-In-Law
U.S.: Death Of A Brother-In-Law Of Efren Pascual

Conchita P. Dela Pena Marks 60th Birthday

Family and friends suprised Conchita Palomo dela Pena with a dinner-dance party on the occasion of Conchita’s 60th birthday. About 70 conspiring celebrants, waiting in silence in the intentionally dimly lit room, greeted Conchita with a big “SURPRISE!” and camera flashes at one of the ballrooms of the McAteers Restaurant in Somerset, New Jersey.

The surprise event was organized by Lorraine P. Williams, daughter of the dela Penas. Conchita’s husband Fort, their children (and the latter’s spouses), grandchildren, relatives and close friends joined in the celebration. Alumni colleagues\friends present were Vicki and Efren Pascual, Violy & Horatio Lotuaco, Estrellita Scott, Annie de Ferio, Lita Townsend, Louie Alibutod (and his wife) and Tom Bagasan (and his wife). Conchita, Efren and Horatio are NESHS '58 alumni.

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Update: Death Of Efren's Brother-In-Law

Excerpted from Efren Pascual's 2/12/03 EMail: “Thanks a lot for the words of sympathy for the death of my brother-in-law, Joe Sta. Maria. Vicki and I went to San Diego last Friday afternoon and stayed there until Monday morning. I relayed to my sister Lina, your condolences and she is very thankful.

The body of Joe will be flown to the Philippines on Friday, Feb. 14, his 80th birthday. Lina and the 2 children of Joe, Lito and Angie are flying also to Manila.

I met several NESHS alumni (not of Class 58) who were at the wake and have learned about the passing away of Joe through our web site. They said that they regularly visit our site. Among those alumni is Ponciano Morales".

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Death Of A Brother-In-Law Of Efren Pascual

Excerpted from Mernilo Dionisio's 2/6/03 EMail: “... Efren's brother-in-law (husband of Efren's sister, Lina) passed away last night after a long illness. I understand Efren and Vicki will be flying to San Diego for the services."

Editor's Note: The deceased, Joe Sta. Maria, also hailed from Gapan, Nueva Ecija. Efren Pascual is a NESHS '58 alumnus who is presently visiting his family in the East Coast.


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 Last modified: 05/20/09