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2002 Reunion

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Sightseeing At The Bay Bridge-Tunnel (July 13, 2002) 

1st Sightseeing stop    Ladies only group shot    WOW! This is a long bridge!
A happy bunch, this group     Ok! Whereto next!    Our special guests
Almost all the alumni           

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Sightseeing At The Nauticus Museum (July 13, 2002) 

Photo shot with the battleship Wisconsin    Same Shot With More People    Miss Velayo with her "favorites"
OK Guys! Let's get going!&    Now we got it!     Sightseers two

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Luau Colors & Images (July 13, 2002) 

Basking in evening's golden glow    The P.I. ladies with friends    The Hawaiian ladies
Luminous in the dark    1000-Watt smiles     Hula-hula lessons
Some of the "Hawaiian" guys    Sitting pretty    A serenade
"Candid camera" moment          

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Reunion's Luncheon\Business Meeting (July 14, 2002) 

The "Seafood Festival"    The "Festival" In Full Blast      Away From The Hubbub

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Reunion's Big Event: Dinner~Dance (July 14, 2002) 

5 Alumni with Frank    Ladies & gents of Class '58     The Grajos
The Siwas    The Tanghals    Victoria
Electric Slide Everybody!    Alumni, Spouses & Guests     Let The Games Begin 
A Hawaiian Number           

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Reunion Coordinator's Financial Statement

Rodolfo Mariano, the 2002 Reunion Coordinator, sent the statement of funds received and disbursed -- for the July 2002 reunion in Chesapeake, Virginia -- to Mernilo Dionisio, the Association's designated Financial Officer. The financial statement is posted in the Letters section of this web site.

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Year 2002 Reunion: Opening Remarks By Rudy Mariano
Reunion Coordinator & NESHS '58 Alumnus

Good evening. It is with great pride to welcome everyone to our 44th year class reunion. Tonight, we are honored to have General Romy Padiernos, Remy Almodiel and Luming Antonio join us in our celebration and I thank you for making the long journey to Virginia.

Also joinig us this week are some of the officers and members of “Samahang Gapan” of New Jersey, old and new friends and family friends. It is a pleasure to have you all.

It has been 44 years since we left our Alma Mater and we have been fortunate to keep in touch with one another. Hopefully we will continue to hae many more gatherings like this. I especially look forward to our reunion in the Philippines next year.

Tomorrow, as we go on our separate ways, it is with hope and prayer that we will see each other again.

Thank you all, have a pleasant night and enjoy the evening.

I would like to introduce to you our entertainer for tonight. He is a comedian, a singer and a dancer …, the best DJ of Virginia Beach – Demi Dalida.

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Remarks By Erlinda Baguisa Siwa
NESHS '58 Alumna & Chicago Delegation Lead

Magandang gabe po sa inyong lahat. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, fellow classmates, old friends, new friends and kababayans.

It has been forty-four years since we left the portals of our dear alma mater. Although its name had been changed to “Juan Liwag Memorial High School”, I firmly believe that, like me, your hearts belong to “Nueva Ecija South High School". They can change the name and the building façade but the memories of NESHS will remain in our hearts and minds.

Class ’58 Reunion is unique in that it was formed to connect and to bond with the people that were part of our great times in high school.

Since our first reunion in 1989, my husband and I, he is also a fellow classmate, always look forward to every reunion with excitement and anticipation. I have one plea to each and everyone of you: Let us keep the spirits of camaraderie alive and let the fire of Class ’58 burn until the last one of us stands.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Rudy and Lina for their hospitality. They did a splendid job in making this reunion a blast.

We look forward to seeing all of you at our 45th year Grand Reunion in the Philippines in 2003.

Thank you.

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Closing Remarks By Horatio Lotuaco
NESHS '58 Alumnus

It is not yet the ending of tonight’s festivities, … we still have about thirty minutes of dancing and fun, … but I will now say my “Closing Remarks”.

This will be quick and take less than a minute. Personally, I would just like to extend my appreciation to our colleagues who joined us during this reunion. The reason why we are here and why our group have been successful in what we do is because of our affection for each other.

Since the mid 1990s, the Northeast alumni makes a trip to Chesapeake and participates in the Marianos annual alumni mini-reunion. One of the pleasures in attending those get together is meeting Rudy and Lina’s extended family, ... being welcomed by the family as family, ... and receiving that one-of-a-kind Mariano-Ibay hospitality.

Please allow me to introduce to you the members of the Mariano-Ibay family of Chesapeake. First off on the table to my right are … Dely Ibay, sister of Lina, . . . and Dely’s husband Fred Soriano. Next, to their left, is … Josie Ibay. At the middle over there … are Joe Ibay, the youngest brother of Lina, and Joe’s wife Nannette. Lastly, ... on the opposite side ... Aida Ibay and her husband Ado.

To all our special guests, personally and on behalf of the Class of ’58 alumni, we would like to extend our appreciation and affection to all of you for joining us in these festivities. We hope that you all had fun.

Thank you very much, ... enjoy the remainder of the evening, ... and we love you all!

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Year 2002 Chesapeake, Virginia Reunion A Hit! (Posted: July 17, 2002)

Culminating a 2-year preparation, the NESHS ‘58’s 44th graduation anniversary reunion was observed-and-celebrated July 12-15, 2002 in Chesapeake, Virginia by class alumni, their respective families and special guests.

Coordinated-and-hosted by Rodolfo Mariano, NESHS ’58 alumnus, (and his wife Lina) and attended by close to a hundred participants, the event was a Big Hit!

The alumni participants were composed of U.S. and PI. alumni. The Philippine delegation this year were composed of Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Romeo Padiernos, Iluminada Mariano and Remedios de San Jose Almondiel. The U.S. delegation were composed of: Norma Afable Grajo (and hubby Frank), Erlinda Baguisa Siwa (and hubby Rolly), Nilo Dionisio (and wife Annie), Ace Lotuaco (and wife Violeta), Esper Magbitang Tanghal (and hubby Jess), Victoria Malgapo Mogan (and hubby Conrad), Rudy Mariano (and wife Lina), Chit Palomo dela Pena (and hubby Fort), Vicki Pascual (wife of Efren) and Teya Reyes.

Among the special guests was Gregoria Velayo Reyes, a Gapan, Novo Ecijano and former teacher of the alumni. Mrs Reyes is currently residing in New York. Guests from Samahang Gapan, an organization of Gapan, Novo Ecijanos based in New Jersey, were Tony Rodriguez and his wife, Hector Magno, Luis Alibutod and Tom Bagasan.

Reunion activities were comprised of a welcome social, sightseeing attractions in Norfolk, a luau, a business meeting and a dinner dance.

Concluded from its business meeting, the alumni group’s next reunions will be to the class’ 45th Anniversary Grand Reunion to be held November 2003 in the Philippines; and the 47th Anniversary reunion to be held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada in Year 2005. The U.S. Liaison for the Year 2003 Reunion is Mernilo Dionisio, Class alumnus. The Coordinator for the Year 2005 Reunion is Erlinda Baguisa Siwa, Class alumna.

Two initiatives were also decided to be undertaken by the Class' alumni. The first is the restoration of the name "Nueva Ecija South High School" for the alumni's high school (that is currently named "Juan R. Liwag Memorial High School"). The second initiative is the setting of policies and procedures for the inclusion of a select and limited number of individuals, who are not Class '58 alumni, to be honorary members of the NESHS '58 U.S. Alumni community.

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Dinner-Dance Program: Year 2002 Reunion (Posted: July 17, 2002)

1. Guests arrival & Welcome
2. Social Hour
3. Program (Pre-Dinner)

  • Singing of the U.S and Philippine national anthems; Led by Jess Tanghal, spouse of a NESHS ’58 alumna
  • Opening address by Rodolfo Mariano, Reunion Coordinator & NESHS ’58 alumnus
  • Remarks by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Romeo Padiernos, P.I. alumni delegation lead & NESHS ’58 alumnus
  • Remarks by Dr. Erlinda Baguisa Siwa, Chicago alumni delegation lead & NESHS ’58 alumna
  • Remarks by Norma Afable Grajo, California alumni delegation lead & NESHS ’58 alumna
  • Remarks by special guest speaker, Hector Magno, President of “Samahang Gapan & NESHS ’59 alumnus

4. Dinner

  • Offering of grace by Thea Reyes, NESHS ’58 alumna
  • Serving of dinner buffet

5. Dance & Entertainment

  • Dancing to the music provided by the singing-&-dancing DJ – Demi Dalida Jr.
  • Fun games devised by Esper Tanghal (NESHS ’58 alumna) and Vicki Pascual (wife of NESHS ’58 alumnus)
  • A ballroom dance number by Rolando Siwa (NESHS ’58 alumnus) and wife Erlinda Baguisa Siwa (NESHS ’58 alumna)
  • A duet rendered by guests Ding Alejos and Hector Magno (both NESHS ’59 alumnus)
  • Presentation of appreciation presents to the P.I. delegation members
  • Special Hawaiian dance numbers provided Nannette Ibay (sister-in-law of Lina Ibay Mariano)

6. Closing remarks by Horatio Lotuaco, NESHS ’58 alumnus

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Addresses & Driving Directions: Activities Sites (Posted: July 8, 2002)

  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (Route 13, Virginia Beach VA)
    Take I-64W towards Norfolk Int’l Airport. Take exit to Route 13 North (w/c will take you to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel).
  • Douglas MacArthur Memorial (MacArthur Square, Bank Street & City Hall Ave. Norfolk VA)
    Easily reached via I-264.

    From the east, exit to City Hall Avenue (Exit 10) and proceed three blocks west.

    From the west, transit the Downtown tunnel from Portsmouth to the Market Street exit, turn left at St. Paul's Boulevard, right at City Hall Avenue, then proceed two blocks west to the Memorial. Parking is available in all downtown City of Norfolk parking garages and MacArthur Center parking garage. Your parking ticket will be validated at the Memorial.

  • Nauticus & Battleship Wisconsin (One Waterside Drive, Norfolk, VA 23510)
    • From the North or Northwest (Williamsburg/Richmond)
      Take I-64 East. Exit onto 264 West towards Downtown Norfolk. Take the Waterside Drive exit (exit 9). Nauticus is 4 lights down on the left.
    • From the South or Southwest
      Take I-64 West. Exit onto 264 West towards Downtown Norfolk. Take the Waterside Drive exit (exit 9). Nauticus is 4 lights down on the left.
    • From the Virginia Beach Oceanfront
      Take I-264 West towards Downtown Norfolk. Take the Waterside Drive exit (exit 9). Nauticus is 4 lights down on the left.
  • Chesapeake Conference Center (900 Greenbrier Circle, Chesapeake, VA 23320)
    From 1-64W, take Exit 289A to Greenbrier Pkwy North. Turn right to Woodlake Dr. Woodlake Dr. becomes Greenbrier Cir. Turn right to Sara Dr. Turn right to Greenbrier Cir.

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Latest: Alumni Delegation From The Philippines (Posted: June 14, 2002)

Excerpted from Efren Pascual's June 14, 2002 EMail to Rudy Mariano. P.I. alumni planning to attend the Virginia Reunion:

  • Luming Mariano Antonio. She is already in the U.S. and staying with her daughter in Los Angeles. A week before the reunion, she plans to visit relatives in Virginia or West Virginia (where she will originate from to the reunion).
  • Remy de San Jose Almodiel. Will be leaving Manila on July 8th or 9th for Fairfax, Virginia (near Washington, D.C.), where one of her daughters is living. She will be driven by her daughter to\from the reunion. Remy is also applying for a Canadian visa so that she may visit a son who works in Calgary and a sister who lives in Montreal. After about a month in Canada, she will move to Los Angeles (where another daughter of hers is staying). Remy will be in the States for about 3 months.
  • Romy Padiernos. Romy is also applying for a Canadian visa so that he can visit his two sisters in Quebec. (Romy also has a sister in New York).
  • Efren Pascual. Efren is presently trying to get a flight reservation with Northwest Airlines.
  • Norma de Guzman Camaya is a “maybe”. Norma is not yet sure in going, but since she has a U.S. visa, it will be easy for her to make a last minute decision. Remy de San Jose, her close friend, is convincing Norma, to join her (Remy) on her first trip to the U.S.

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Year 2002 Reunion Update (Posted: May 13, 2002)

Due to summertime projected heavy traffic and limited parking at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, the reunion’s Sunday dinner-dance has been moved from the Barclay Towers in Virginia Beach to the Chesapeake Conference Center in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Recap of reunion schedule:

July 12, 2002 (Friday): Arrival of guests; Welcome dinner at the Host\Coordinator’s residence.

July 13, 2002 (Saturday), 8:00 am – 4:00 pm: Sightseeing (Chesapeake Bay Bridge, MacArthur Memorial, Nauticus and Battleship Wisconsin ($8.50 entrance fee), and boat ride to Norfolk Naval Base ($12.00 admission fee). 7:00 pm Luau at the Hosts\Coordinator’s residence.

July 14, 2002 (Sunday). 12:00 pm Luncheon\meeting\seafood festival; 7:00 pm – 12:00 am dinner\dance at the Chesapeake Conference Center in Greenbrier. ($30 per person).

July 15, 2002 (Monday) Farewell breakfast at a to be designated location.

Official reunion lodge: Wellesley Inn, 721 Conference Center Dr., Chesapeake, VA 23320. Telephone: (757) 366-0100. Use reunion’s pre-advised reservation code. The hotel is located about three miles from Host\Coordinator’s residence. Room rate is $65.00 per day, excluding taxes. Courtesy continental breakfast provided.

For clarification and\or additional information call or Email (NEHSGrad58@aol.com) the Reunion Host\Coordinator.

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Prelim List Of P.I. Attendees To The 2002 Reunion (Posted: March 4, 2002)

In an EMail dated March 3, 2002, Efren Pascual, NESHS '58 alumnus and Reunion P.I. Liaison, confirmed the attendance to the July 2002 reunion in Chesapeake, Virginia of the following Philippine-based alumni; Remy de San Jose Almondiel, Luming Mariano Antonio, Romy and Letty Manuel and Efren Pascual.

Other alumni who have expressed interests but whose attendance have not yet been confirmed are Oscar and Myrna Vallarta, Norma and Tameng Camaya and Manuelito and Tessie Matias.

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Driving Directions In Chesapeake, VA (Posted: February 1, 2002)


From: Norfolk International Airport:

Take Norview Avenue exit at 64 East to Chesapeake.
Then take Exit 289A (Greenbrier Pkwy North).
At the first stoplight, make right onto Woodlake Drive.
At the next stoplight, make right on Conference Center Drive.
The hotel will be on the immediate left.

From Points North:

Take 64 East all the way to Chesapeake.
Exit at 289A (Greenbrier Pkwy North).
At the first stoplight, make right onto Woodlake Drive.
At the next stoplight, make right on Conference Center Drive.
The hotel will be on the immediate left.

From New Jersey:

Take New Jersey TNPK South.
Follow sign to Route 13 South to Norfolk, VA.
Cross Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel ($14.00 Round trip toll).
After Bridge Tunnel, you’ll be immediately on Northampton Blvd.
Follow signs for 64 East to Chesapeake.
Exit at 289A (Greenbrier Pkwy North).
At the first stoplight, make right onto Woodlake Drive.
At the next stoplight, make right on Conference Center Drive.
The hotel will be on the immediate left.

From the Wellesley Inn to our home:

Turn left onto Woodlake Drive.
Turn left onto Greenbrier Pkwy.
Turn left onto Volvo Pkwy.
Cross the intersection of Volvo and Kempsville Road.
Make left onto Plantation Lakes Circle.
Address is 1519 Plantation Lakes Circle.
House will be on the right.

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Latest Development On The 2002 Reunion (Posted: May 10, 2000)

The Year 2002 Reunion Coordinator, Rudy Mariano announced in a May 5, 2001 letter the planned reunion activities and the schedule of those activities. The reunion will be a 4-day event to be held in the greater Chesapeake-Norfolk, Virginia area, home city of the Marianos.

The activities defined to date are the following: A Welcome dinner for participants; sightseeing (Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel - an engineering wonder of the world, MacArthur Memorial - where the remains of Gen. Douglas MacArthur rests, Nauticus - the National Maritime Center, battleship Wisconsin - a historic warship that saw action during the 2nd World War and the Gulf War, and the Norfolk Naval Base - headquarters for the U.S. Atlantic Naval Fleet); luau dinner; luncheon\meeting; dinner\dance; and farewell breakfast.

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New Schedule for 2002 Reunion (Posted: Dec. 22, 2000)

Rodolfo Mariano, Year 2002 Reunion Coordinator, announced in his December 15, 2000 Holiday message that the reunion's original August date has been re-scheduled to July 12-14, 2002. The reunion's venue has not been changed and will be in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Rudy also advised that planning for the reunion have been started.

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Year 2002 and Year 2003 Reunions Scheduled (Posted: Aug. 18, 2000)

Excerpted from HML's 8/10/2000 letter to the alumni community:

Next U.S. Reunion Year\Site\Coordinator. These items were discussed by all U.S. alumni present during the July 15, 2000 business meeting\dinner reception at the Coordinator’s residence in Placentia, California. P.I. alumni were invited to attend as observers. The items were discussed at length and voted on by the U.S. alumni. The majority’s decision:

Year : August 2002 (marking the Class’ 44th Anniversary)
Site : Chesapeake\Norfolk, Virginia
Coordinator : Rodolfo Mariano (NESHS ’58 alumnus)

Next P.I. Reunion Year\Site\U.S. Coordinator. Likewise, these items were discussed at length and voted on by the U.S. alumni (with input from the P.I. alumni). The majority’s decision:

Year : November 2003 (marking Class’ 45th Anniversary)
Site : Philippines (Gapan & other places presently undefined)
U.S. Coordinator : Mernilo Dionisio (NESHS ’58 alumnus)

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