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NESHS' Reunion Mag Featured in "Tanikalang Ginto" (Posted: Aug. 9, 2000)

The NESHS '58 alumni's REUNION commemorative Web magazine was featured last August 9, 2000 in Tanikalang Ginto's Web site. The Web site is a well-known U.S.-based site devoted to things Philippines & Fil-American. Tanikalang Ginto that is, "golden links" in Tagalog, bills itself as the "Philippines' most comprehensive Web directory since 1994".

Tanikalang Ginto's site is at URL address: http://www.filipinolinks.com/. The magazine is under the "Alumni" heading (which is about midway down the site's home page). After one day, the daily features of Tanikalang Ginto are moved to the site's "Previous Days" section.

1st Photos - July 2000 L.A. Reunion (Posted: Aug. 1, 2000)

The following pictures were sent by Victoria Malgapo and husband Conrad Mogan (thru the Grajos).

NESHS '58 July 2000 Reunion Photos :

- The Coordinator's table (11 in photo, 6 from P.I.).
More people with the Coordinator.
(Almost) All the alumni, spouses & guests.

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NESHS ’58 July 2000 L.A. Reunion BIG! Success (Posted: July 26, 2000)

Attended by alumni, their families and friends, the NESHS ’58 42nd Anniversary reunion held in the cities of Anaheim and Los Angeles, California last July 14 – 17, 2000 was a BIG! hit among the 50 or so celebrants.

With participants from the Philippines, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose (CA), Chicago, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia, the festivity had an international flavor. Participants from the Philippines (there were seven) arrived during the first day of the celebration. There was an element of suspense for the Philippine delegation since the granting-or-denial of the U.S. visa of the participants from the Philippines did not become known until a few days before the reunion.

The alumni family members from the Philippines were: Manuelito and Tessie Matias, Romeo and Leticia Padiernos, Efren Pascual, and Oscar and Myrna Vallarta. Vicki Pascual, Efren's wife, arrived in the U.S. earlier during the year. Another couple, Norma de Guzman Camaya and husband Herminigildo, were given U.S. visa too late to catch up with the commencement of the reunion.

The 42nd Anniversary Reunion marked a number of first for the alumni family: 1st U.S. reunion with participants from the Philippines; 1st U.S. reunion with a dinner\dance for the “Till We Meet Again” evening event reunion finale; and 1st U.S. reunion where a non-NESHS alumni who is also non-alumni spouse publicly expressed a desire to become a member of the alumni family.

The 4-day festivities included a “Welcome!” reception for the reunion participants; business meeting; dinner reception hosted by the Reunion Coordinator, Norma Afable Grajo; sightseeing in scenic Los Angeles; taking the rides and sights at Universal Studios and Disneyland; and the formal end-of-reunion dinner\dance finale.

At their business meeting, the alumni discussed and concurred that (1) the Year 2002 U.S. reunion will be held in Chesapeake, Virginia and the reunion’s Coordinator will be Rodolfo Mariano; and (2) the 45th Graduation Anniversary of the Class will be held in the Philippines and that the latter reunion’s U.S. Coordinator will be Mernilo Dionisio.

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4 P.I. Applicants Given U.S. Visa (Posted: July 7, 2000)

In a July 5, 2000 Email to Norma A. Grajo, Efren Pascual, P.I. Alumni Liaison, advised that Oscar Vallarta, wife Myrna, Romy Padiernos and wife Letty had their appointed interviews with the Embassy. All were given U.S. visa.

The visa interviews of three (3) other alumni were not as successful.

P.I. Visa Applicants Have Interview Dates (Posted: May 18, 2000)

In a June 13, 2000 Email to Norma A. Grajo, U.S. Reunion Coordinator, Efren Pascual, P.I. Alumni Liaison, advised that thirty-two (32) prospective reunion participants have, for one reason or another, been reduced to twenty-seven (27).

Efren also informed that interview dates for fifteen (15) applicants have already been assigned. Appointment dates for the remaining twelve (12) applicants are still being awaited.

The interview dates assigned are scheduled are for June 30, July 5, July 10, July 11 and July 13. All the prospective reunion participants will be meeting on June 18, 2000 to prepare for the interviews and the reunion

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Latest Developments: P.I. Visa Applications (Posted: May 18, 2000)

Efren Pascual, Year 2000 Reunion - P.I. Alumni Liaison, in a May 17, 2000 Email to Norma A. Grajo, U.S. Reunion Coordinator, advised that copy of the Consulate letter, which was sent DHL overnight early this week by the U.S. Coordinator, was received May 15, 2000.

May 16, 2000, a letter request (signed by Romy Padiernos, NESHS '58 Alumni President), together with supporting materials, for a "same day" interview for all the "listed" alumni applicants was sent to the U.S. Embassy.

The P.I. applicants are hoping that consular action on the forwarded request may be received shortly.

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Letter to U.S. Embassy RE P.I. Visa Applicants Sent (Posted: May 1, 2000)

Norma Grajo, Year 2000 Reunion Coordinator, in a letter dated April 27, 2000 requested the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines favorable consideration for the visa applications of alumni group members who wish to attend the July alumni reunion in Los Angeles. Thirty-two (32) applicants were named in the letter.

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JULY 14-17, 2000

1. JULY 14

  • Arrival of reunion participants. Courtesy transport of participants from the airport to Quality Hotel Maingate at Anaheim, California.
  • 6:30 P.M. “Official Welcome” reception at the Quality Hotel Maingate for the reunion participants.

2. JULY 15

  • 2:00 P.M. business meeting & 6:30 P.M. dinner reception at Frank and Norma Grajo’s (Reunion Coordinator) residence in;

    ..... 730 Stanford Drive
    ..... Placentia, CA 92870

3. July 16

  • Tour of sites in downtown Los Angeles, Disneyland, Universal Studios and shopping district.
  • Planning for & selection of the Reunion Coordinator for the Year 2002 NESHS ’58 Reunion.

4. July 17

  • Additional activities of special interests to individual participants.
  • 6:30 P.M. to midnight “Till We Meet Again” dinner social at the Quality Hotel Maingate.

5. July 18

  • Official end of the Year 2000 NESHS ’58 Reunion Festivities.

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37 In (P.I.'s) Final Y2K Reunion List (Posted: Apr. 12, 2000)

Based on Efren's 4/11/00 EMail, there are a total of thirty-seven (37) individuals making up the list of visa applicants to be submitted to the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines.

The alumni in the list are the following: Jacinto Arcega Yamsuan, Manuelito Manalastas Matias, Rufino Gregorio Beltran, Norma de Guzman Camaya, Filipino Patiag Figueroa, Eduardo Magtoto Zabat, Virginia Liwag Jimenez, Oscar Linsangan Vallarta, Iluminada Mariano Antonio, Remedios San Jose Almondiel, Zenaida Garcia Linsangan, Soledad Ligon Inocencio, Ricardo Pangilinan, and Romeo A. Padiernos.

Those with valid travel papers and whose names willd not be in the US Embassy list are the following; Eladio delos Santos & Efren S. Pascual. Other individuals in list are immediate family members o the alumni.

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Latest: Prep work for L.A. reunion (Posted: Mar. 12, 2000)

Per Efren's 3/7/2000 EMail to Norma: List of US visa applicants from Gapan and for Metro Manila being finalized by Eli de los Santos nd Sol Ligon respectively. Target date for completion: March 20th.

"Materials" from the U.S. (to support the P.I. applicants' visa applications)presently being prepared by Norma.

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"Listing" Policy & Visa Application Timetable (Posted: Feb. 21, 2000)

Per Efren's 2/19/2000 EMail: Deadline for submission of valid passport numbers and the official receipt numbers of payments for visa application will be February 29, 2000. Those who can not meet the deadline will be considered as not interested, and will not be included in the group list of applicants. If they so desire to attend the reunion later on, they will then just have to apply for their visas on their own.

Policy for a person to be included in the group list of applicants for U.S. visa are:

1. Person is a NESHS '58 alumnus\alumna; or
2. Person is the spouse of a NESHS '58 alumnus\alumna; or
3. Person is the child of a NESHS '58 alumnus\alumna; or
4. Person is a grandchild of a NESHS '58 alumnus\alumna.

Final list of visa applicants to be sent to Norma on or about the 1st week of March 2000. Letter from the U.S. Reunion Coordinator for the US Embassy in Manila to be available by 2nd week of March 2000

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Reunion Developments - Latest from Norma (Posted: Feb. 17, 2000)

Per Norma's 2/14/2000 letter to the alumni community: Todate, fifteen (15) alumni family members from the U.S. confirmed to be attending. From the Philippines, we have five (5) classmates who are confirmed to attend and possibly twenty-seven (27) more may come (depending on the former group being granted visas by the U.S. Consulate in Manila).

Regarding the affair's Dinner-Dance: Location - Quality Hotel Maingate (Anaheim); Cost - $23.64 per person (price includes 18% gratuity and 7.75% tax); Minimum of forty-three (43) required. Deadline for reservation: March 15, 2000. Payment required by or before July 14, 2000.

As a gesture of hospitality to the Philippine delegation, it is planned that their share of the Dinner-Dance contribution will be be absorbed by the U.S. alumni family.

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Latest P.I. Count of Prospective Reunion Attendees: 30+ (Posted: Feb. 8, 2000)

Per Efren's 2/1/00 EMail to Norma: There are presently 33 P.I. NESHS '58 alumni family members that are applying for their U.S. visa so that they may attend the July Los Angeles reunion.

Romy Padiernos, NESHS '58 Alumni President, has appointed Jacinto Yamsuan and Esterling Fernando Estrella to do the coordinating work in Gapan; Eladio delos Santos to do the liaison work between Gapan and Metro Manila; Sol Ligon Inocencio will coordinate the Metro Manila activities; and Efren Pascual will handle communications between P.I. and U.S. alumni.

Deadline to complete U.S. visa applications and/or secure/renew passports and is February 29,2000. Visa interview date(s) at the local U.S. Consulate is projected for May 2000.

Editor's NOTE: For the P.I. list of names, SEE Letter's Section, Efren's 2/1/00 EMail.

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22 From P.I. Planning to Attend L.A. Reunion (Posted: Jan. 25, 2000)

Per Efren's 1/23/00 EMail, there are presently twenty-two P.I. NESHS '58 alumni family members that will apply for U.S. visa so that they may attend the July L.A. reunion.

The applicants from Gapan: Eduardo Zabat, Norma de Guzman Camaya, Herminigildo (husband of Norma), Jacinto Yamsuan, Victoria Yamsuan (wife of Jacinto, Jojit Yamsuan, Jeffrey Yamsuan (the last 2, sons of Jacinto), Manuelito Matias, Teresita Matias (wife of Manuelito), Rufino Beltran, Filipino Figueroa, Maria Figueroa (wife of Filipino).

The applicants from Metro Manila: Romeo Padiernos, Leticia Padiernos (wife of Romeo), Eladio delos Santos, Iluminada Mariano Antonio, Zenaida Linsangan Oscar Vallarta, Myrna Vallarta (wife of Oscar), Soledad Ligon Inocencio, Jaime de Leon, Efren Pascual, Maria Victoria Pascual (Efren’s wife), and Gloria Tuazon Atienza.

A few more names might get added to these lists.

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P.I. Prep for L.A. Reunion in Full Swing (Posted: Jan. 22, 2000)

Excerpted from Efren's 1/20/00 EMail to Norma: List of participating alumni from Gapan received already. List of participating Metro Manila alumni will be available 1/21/00. Complete list to be sent to U.S. colleagues 1/21/00 evening Manila time.

Per local US Embassy RE securing visitor’s visas for NESHS '58 group: The Class is advised to write a letter to Non-Immigrant Visa Section, Embassy of the United States of America (Manila, Philippines). Visa applicants will be given appointment dates individually.

Request for appointment dates planned to be made no later than February 25, 2000. As of today, due to the large number of visa applicants, earliest appointments that could be given are for March 2000.

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Developments from the December 4th L.A. Meeting

Excerpted from Norma's 12/15/99 EMail to Efren: The California alumni held a follow-up meeting at Cely and Bob Rodriguez residence last December 4, 1999. Attending were the following alumni and their respective spouses; Cely and Bob Rodriguez, Luisinia and Bob Uytingco, Norma Grajo, Nydia Mabalay Tinawin and Rufino Herrera.

The followng items were discussed:

1. The planned activities that were specified in Norma's October 9, 1999 letter will remain as is.

2. The Las Vegas trip will be arranged when everybody are in L.A., most likely to be scheduled towards the end of the reunion activities. The trip can easily be arranged when all the alumni gets in L.A.

3. As to the availability of accommodations before the event, for some who may come earlier, Cely and Bob Rodriguez and the Grajos will be able to accommodate some classmates.

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Update: Latest P.I. Alumni Y2K Reunion Plans

Per Efren's 12/13/99 EMail: In the December 11th get together in Gapan, the Y2K reunion was discussed. We have agreed that the deadline for the submission of names for those who wish to join the group application for US visas will be January 15, 2000.

After the latter date, we will ask from our U.S. alumni colleagues a letter, addressed to the Consul General (US Embassy in Manila), requesting for the issuance to the listed alumni (and spouses) visitors visa for the purpose of attending the July reunion.

Meantime I have instructed those planning to attend the reunion to start applying for their individual passports or renewing old ones. We estimate that the date for the group’s personal appearance in the US Embassy will be sometime March 15 or so.

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Update: P.I. Alumni Planning to Attend Y2K Reunion

Per Efren's 10/18/99 EMail: Tentative list of PI alumni who expressed desire to join the US Reunion:

Mr. & Mrs. Tameng Camaya        Ms. Estelita Dino
Mr. Jessie de Leon              Ms. Soledad Ligon
Mr. Zeny Linsangan              Ms. Ligaya Mariano
Ms. Luming Mariano              Mr. & Mrs. Romy Padiernos
Mr. & Mrs. Efren Pascual        Mr. & Mrs. Manuelito Matias
Ms. Remy de San Jose            Mr. & Mrs. Eli delos Santos
Mr. & Mrs. Jacinto Yamsuan
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YR2000 Reunion Schedule of Activities Set

YR2000 Reunion Coordinator, Norma Afable Grajo, announced last October 9, 1999 that the July 14 - 17, 2000 reunion's schedule of activities have been set. Among the main activities for the 4-day reunion are the Welcoming-and-lodging of the alumni from the Philippines; official reception\dinner party at the Grajos residence; day trips to Disneyland\Universal Studio theme parks; shopping at the malls; and a dinner\dance on the last day of the festivities.

The announcement was also sent to the Class' colleagues in the Philippines.

HML's Note: To view Norma's letter, click here.

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L.A. Alumni's Two Meetings for YR2000 Reunion

Norma Afable Grajo informed HML that she and the other L.A. alumni have met, to discuss the Year 2000 reunion, twice during the past months. Main activities that have been defined to date are a visit to Disneyland, trip to Vegas and get together at the Grajos residence. Norma added that they will have a third meeting when she gets back to L.A., from New York, August 17, 1999; and that her communique to the alumni community will be following soon.

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P.I. Colleagues Planning to Join the YR 2000 Reunion

Preliminary list (As of July 1998):

Romeo & Leticia Padiernos          Eladio & Cecilia de los Santos
Efren & Vicky Pascual              Oscar & Myrna Vallarta
Zenaida Linzangan                  Remedios de San Jose Almondial
Soledad Ligon Inocencio            Illuminada Mariano Antonio
Jaime de Leon

Per Eladio's August 16, 1998 fax, the P.I. alumni have started planning for the visa applications of individuals who are planning to attend (but do not yet have a current U.S. visa) the YR2000 Reunion.

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Reunion Date, Site & Activities

            Location  :  Anaheim & Placentia, CA

                Date  :  July 15-17, 2000 (Sat.-Mon.)
                            (Revised 11/6/98 by majority vote)

         No. of days  :  Three (3)

  Coordinator & Host  :  Norma A. Grajo (NESHS '58 Alumna)

  Planned Activities  :  - Bus tour or group to one particular area;
                         - Dinner w/ program & ballroom dancing in
                           a banquet room (catered, optionally);
                         - Hospitality day with host;
                         - Disney tour.

    Reunion magazine  :  Will be published (with HML as Editor)
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